Sous Vide Class


This Sous Vide Class will teach you the fool proof way of cooking, while getting the perfect results of a pro every time. With the guidance of our knowledgeable chefs and the help of the best Anova machine you won’t believe how easy and delicious sous vide cooking can be!

3 Hours – times vary; see dropdown menu for dates
2 Courses – see menu below
Bottomless Wine
Adults Only

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Are you wondering what sous vide is? Or do you think it is only used by professionals? In this Sous Vide Class we will answer all your questions and show you how easy cooking with a sous vide really is a fool-proof way of cooking and not just for the pros. Whether you are thinking of buying a machine, have purchased one already, or just want to try a different method of cooking, this is the class for you!

The literal translation of sous-vide is under-vacuum, but it is a widely known cooking method where food is cooked in a liquid that is kept to a very precise temperature in order to produce the perfect end product. As you can control the temperature of a Sous Vide, it is considered a more precise and gentle way to cook, producing consistently fantastic results.

Some people would just associate this cooking method for cooking meat, but in this class we will not only show you how to cook the perfect steak and a range of other meats but we will also teach you how to sous vide vegetables and a decadent chocolate pudding. Our aim is to help you understand the best way to use a sous vide machine and the different cuisines and dishes that can be created.

On arrival you’ll be greeted with a glass of wine, which will flow throughout, before taking a seat to watch the chef give you a detailed and highly informative demonstration on how to cook the following, and much more:
Duck Breast
Chicken Breast
Pork Belly
Pork Fillet
Sirloin/Fillet Steak

After this class you will not want to cook your meat any other way – trust us we are the dons!

Having filled your culinary brains with the awesomeness that is sous vide cooking, the power will be in your hands. You’ll take to your stations and get your sous vide cook on, using only the best Anova Precision Cooker Nano. With the chefs at hand you will put together 2-courses*, while gaining the confidence of how to prep, cook and finish your dishes to perfection.
At the end of the class you will get to sit and indulge in the deliciousness that, paired with great recipes, this way of cooking can create!!

*The pork will have been pre-cooked in the sous vide as this takes a while but you will be doing the main bit of the dish and will be instructed on how to do the prep the meat so you can replicate it at home with ease.

What We Offer

  • A fun 3-hour class, whether booking alone, as a pair or in a group
  • Bottomless wine
  • All equipment and food provided
  • Only the best Anova Sous Vide equipment
  • Informative and detailed demonstration
  • Hands-on practise
  • Useful tips and tricks of the trade
  • Delicious food at the end of the class
  • Recipe booklets emailed to you after the class

Skills Acquired

  • Food preparation for sous vide cooking
  • An understanding of timings and temperatures
  • How to finish foods that have been sous vide
  • How to store foods after sous vide
  • How to get experimental with different sous vide methods
  • How to use and look after a vacuum pack machine
  • Plating skills
  • Having fun while cooking!

Sous Vide Class Menu

Sous Vide Asian Pork Belly with Rustic Potatoes, Sous Vide Asparagus and Black Sesame Seeds
Sous Vide Chocolate Pots

Catered for Allergies: Suitable for those keeping to a GF diet.


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