Vegan Cooking Course, 5 Days


Whether you stick to a Vegan diet or just fancy learning how to make a variety of delicious plant-based recipes, you’re in the right place. Our Vegan Cooking Course teaches everyday recipes, to Mary Berry worthy bakes, we’ll have you knocking out an exceptional array of mouth-watering vegan meals – whilst having fun doing it!

5 Days – see times below and dropdown menu for dates
Variety of dishes – see menu plan from page 19 here

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We know some find it a struggle creating a variety of tasty vegan dishes and using worthy alternatives, so we’re here to give you a helping hand. On this 5-day intensive Vegan Cooking Course we will give you confidence and teach you the fundamentals of vegan cooking, as well as a variety of useful tips and tricks in order for you to become the perfect vegan cook.
Perhaps you are you looking to shift to a plant-based lifestyle and don’t have the knowledge or confidence to do so, well this course is the perfect way to make the transition! Or perhaps you are already eating a vegan diet but are keen to broaden your skills and recipe repertoire, well this course will help all those who are interested in vegan food to understand the food you’re cooking and increase your expertise without the need for a cookbook. Not only will we teach you a vast range of vegan dishes and delicious alternatives, but you will also learn invaluable cookery skills that will give you the confidence in making your time in the kitchen that much quicker, more organised and as a result, more fun! It really doesn’t have to all be so daunting…

Each day is hands- on and will begin with a demonstration providing you with the knowledge of what you will be cooking for your 2 course lunch and more. After your lunch you will have another demonstration getting you ready for your afternoon cook where you will be making more delicious vegan dishes.

No previous cooking experience is required but if you have some basic cooking skills there is still lots to learn – we can assure you, you will be leaving The Avenue kitchen with something new under your belt, whether a new found passion for plant-based cooking or a whole heap of new transferable culinary skills to continue your vegan cooking journey!

We at The Avenue are making a stand and changing tainted opinions of vegan cooking and introducing you all to a wonderful world of colour, flavour and experience! What’s stopping you?!

To see the week’s menu plan please go to page 19 here.

What We Offer

  • Deposit option – if booking more than 1 month in advance get in touch for more details
  • A fun, sociable, flexible and informative 5-day vegan course
  • Intensive daily vegan cooking programme
  • All equipment and food provided
  • Interesting demonstrations
  • Cooking without a cookbook
  • Fun, warm and professional teaching
  • Useful tips and tricks of the trade
  • Tips on organisation and prepping your dishes ahead of time
  • Hands-on cooking
  • Budgeting and cooking with leftovers
  • Mind-blowingly delicious recipes
  • Delicious lunches
  • Well-structured course
  • Ingredients, aprons and equipment provided
  • Recipe booklets emailed to you after your class
  • The Avenue apron
  • Vegan Cooking Course Avenue certificate
  • Accommodation as an extra for those that need (see details below)

Skills Acquired

  • Knife skills
  • Variations of vegan baking
  • Preparing and cooking a variety of vegan dishes
  • An understanding of vegan ingredients and cooking them
  • Rectifying dishes
  • Adapting recipes
  • Variety of transferable cooking skills and techniques
  • Cooking with confidence and without a recipe book
  • Using egg and dairy alternatives
  • Knowledge of different uses of nuts, pulses, grains, tofu, miso, seitan and tempeh
  • Food presentation
  • Knowledge of transferable skills and recipes
  • Avoiding waste and cooking with leftovers
  • Time management
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Kitchen organisation
  • Quick cooking
  • Having fun while cooking!
  • Anything extra that anyone wants to know, the list grows!

Course Timings

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)

Catered for Allergies: Those keeping to a GF diet can be catered for on request. N.B. In order to cater for GF, with the odd dish it will be a matter of solely removing the gluten aspect rather than an alternative being provided

Accommodation: For students who book accommodation, you will be staying at a family run B&B that we have worked closely with for years.
Rooms will be separate male or female shared rooms. A guaranteed private room can be arranged at an extra cost, just contact us on for details.
For those who live further afield there is an option of 5 nights’ accommodation, enabling you to arrive on the Sunday evening but if you need longer let us know.
Breakfast & dinner will be provided every morning and evening from Monday. If you are staying Sunday night you will need to eat before you arrive.

‘Avenue Amigos’ – Get a ‘stamp’ for each class you book, each review you leave and for each friend you recommend. 10 stamps = a free class!

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please contact us on with any queries


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