Live Online Private Sushi Workshop

Live Online Private Sushi Workshop


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Thinking of ways to spice up your team building or self-isolation evenings ? Well, our Live Online Private Sushi Workshop is the perfect activity to liven up your quarantine.

This 1.5 hour long Sushi Workshop, hosted on zoom, will keep your family connected, engaged, and most importantly full of delicious sushi. The best part is, we will even deliver all the ingredients straight to your doors, no matter where you are in the UK!

“The Avenue, keeping families connected since 2004” – Rich, 2020!

Please note prices are per person/attendee and not per screen/household

Suitable for those keeping to a Vegan and GF diet

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Are you missing having dinner with all your friends and family or perhaps you are looking for a way to socialise with your team during lockdown🔒? Well, we have the PERFECT solution for you – our Live Online Private Sushi Workshop.

We are launching this class to keep you busy and uplifted during those lonely quarantine evenings and make self-isolation a little more entertaining! Our 1.5 hour online Sushi Workshop will not only keep the family connection but also, feed the sushi cravings, entertain, and create some of The Avenue magic in your very own home!

The best part of all, EVERYTHING is included, all the core Sushi ingredients and equipment you will need will be posted out to your front door, so no need to faff around in the supermarkets looking for nori and sushi rice, whilst in a sea of shoppers scrambling for loo roll!

Once you have booked your private session we will post out the fantastic Saitaku Sushi Kits to you and your other family members; then you will all will be ready to get rolling together, no matter where you all are in the country! Even Nana Pat in High Wycombe, Cousin Kelly in Bristol and Mum and Dad in Warwickshire can all be brought together through your computer and have a fun-filled evening which will remind you of the good old times, pre the-word-which-shall-not-be-mentioned!

The Logistics :

Half an hour before your private class is due to start we will send you the all-important course log in details via email. All you will need to do is simply follow the link, log in and Richard will be there, ready and waiting to teach you how to roll your very own sushi!

Not only is this class an easy and tasty meal but also a super fun opportunity for you and your family or friends to spice up your self-isolated evenings and have a glimpse of the real world again!

I hope you are as excited as we are!

Address:  The comfort and safety of YOUR HOME!

All You Need

  • A computer
  • Internet connection
  • Chopping board
  • Knife
  • Vegetables or fish for the sushi filling – will be discussed beforehand

What We Offer

  • Private 1 to family Sushi Workshop
  • Saitaku Sushi Kits delivered within the UK (included in the price) to all participants, which includes all the ingredients and a Sushi mat
  • Great engaging sushi demonstration
  • Experienced sushi chef
  • The opportunity to have dinner with your family again, even if through the screen!
  • Relaxed environment (depending on your home vibes hehe)
  • Fun times!
  • BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze – get the wine in!)

Skills Acquired

  • Sushi preparation
  • Time management
  • Preparing ahead
  • Hosting remote dinner parties!

Live Online Private Sushi Workshop Menu

Sushi, Sushi, Sushi!!!
Hoso Maki
Unra Hoso Maki
Te Maki

Terms & Conditions Apply

Please contact us on with any queries

2 reviews for Live Online Private Sushi Workshop

  1. Rosie Loker

    We had a great online sushi class during the coronavirus lockdown. Such a brilliant, fun activity to do when most other activities are out of the question! We also attended a tapas class at the cookery school a few months ago, which was a fantastic afternoon and a really great gift idea for someone who’s hard to buy for!

  2. mimiemily123

    I did the sushi workshop via zoom with my family and have done a previous week long cookery course before. For the workshop they sent us really detailed instructions and all the bits we needed. Great course and thoroughly enjoyed, would definitely recommend! The perfect pick me up during COVID.

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