Useful Sauces Class

Useful Sauces Class


At The Avenue we love a good sauce, and we aren’t talking condiments! We are talking the perfect balance between sweet, salty and a touch of acidity to connect to those all important senses.

It’s time to whip some FLAVOUR into those mediocre meals and slide into the Saucy Connoisseurs we were destined to be so come and let us teach you a fantastic range of transferable sauces to perfect any dish!

4 hours. Times vary, see drop down menu (lunch and BYOB)

Suitable for Vegetarians, but time restraints mean alternatives will not necessarily be covered in the demonstrations


For all you self-proclaimed foodies out there, we know a killer sauce can make or break a delicious meal. Whether it’s mouth-watering Steak dying to be coated in a luxuriously silky Béarnaise or a wholesome bowl of homemade Pasta needing a coat of a fantastic herbalicious pesto, perfecting those all-important sauces is crucial, and we are here to help with our Useful Sauces Class.

From Mother to Daughter and Savoury to Sweet, we are welcoming you into a rather saucy world of delectable tastes and marvellous meal transformations. In fact, we are starting a sauce revolution and equipping you with enough transferable skills in order to create ladle after ladle of luscious and flavourful sweet and savoury sauces – fit for a king!

This saucy class will comprise of a flavoursome mix of hands-on cookery with a lively, informative demonstration by our wonderful and well-experienced sauce masters themselves and a fabulous lunch thrown in to cap it off! You’ll be learning your Hollandaise from your Béarnaise and your Court Bouillon from your Stock, while exploring a whole host of delicious tips and tricks to enable you to re-create prize-worthy sauces at home.

The tasty class will start by easing you into the delicate flavours, steps and techniques each delicious sauce incorporates and how you can transfer these sauces into another fantastic sauce with just a couple of ingredients. Stocks will be discussed in the demonstration including touching on how to make a stock and some knowledge about stock cubes and gels. Having been transported through the intricate methods to perfect all aspects including cooking, prepping and serving your sauces you will get to whip up some of your own.

Oh, and don’t worry – we know those sweet saucy smells will stir your senses and kick in the hunger aches, so we’ll be rounding off the class with an easy and, of course saucy, lunch to die for.

Address: The Avenue Cookery School, 3 Enterprise Way, Wandsworth, London SW18 1FZ

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What We Offer

  • Fun demonstrations with experienced chefs
  • Hands-on cooking
  • All facilities, equipment and ingredients included
  • Menu cards emailed to you after the class
  • Great knowledge of a range of different sauces
  • Relaxed and friendly atmosphere

Skills Acquired

  • Whipping up sauces for meat, fish and other dishes like a pro
  • Transferable sauce skills

Useful Sauces Class Menu

Chicken Stock – demonstrated
Roux – demonstrated only
Velouté – demonstrated only
Mayonnaise/Garlic Mayonnaise – demonstrated only
Hollandaise/Béarnaise – demonstrated and made by you for lunch
Béchamel – you will make this into a soufflé for lunch
Demi Glace – made by you to take home
Pesto – made by you to take home
Chimichurri – made by you to take home
Romesco Sauce – made by you to serve with the soufflé for lunch

Salted Caramel Sauce – demonstrated only – for lunch
Crème Anglaise – demonstrated and made by you – will then be made into an ice cream for lunch

Lunch Menu
Asparagus with a Hollandaise
Cheese Soufflé with Romesco Sauce and a Salad
Ice Cream with a Salted Caramel Sauce

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