Don Your Crown Queen, It’s Your Birthday! 👑


It's that time of year again where we all rally together to celebrate our Avenue Queen, Diana's birthday although we're still living under restrictions - thanks Covid, at least this year there can be some kind of celebration that is allowed! In true Avenue style, when it is someones birthday we like to put together [...]

Don Your Crown Queen, It’s Your Birthday! 👑2021-06-14T16:52:29+00:00

Happy Birthday & Maternity Leave Sophie 🤰


Sophie is not only celebrating her 33rd birthday🥳 this week, but also the beginning of her maternity leave - what a week eh! Don't worry the business will still be running and we are sure Sophie will be popping her virtual head in being a family run business and all that. In true Avenue style, [...]

Happy Birthday & Maternity Leave Sophie 🤰2020-11-16T10:41:05+00:00

Happy Birthday Niv 🎁🎈


Today we are wishing a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to a key member in The Avenue Family and office team, Niv! Niv is married to our very own Sophie Shalgi (Horsford) and he joined The Avenue family back in February 2019. He instantly began running and absolutely smashing the Finance and Marketing side of our family-run [...]

Happy Birthday Niv 🎁🎈2020-09-02T13:46:40+00:00

Happy Birthday Richard


As it's Richards birthday we are treating you to an 'interview' with 10 Q&A's so we can understand this crazy cat a bit more... What is your favourite recipe to cook at the moment? Since our trip to Sri Lanka last Christmas, I have been absolutely loving exploring more Sri Lankan recipes! My favourite at [...]

Happy Birthday Richard2020-07-30T15:00:21+00:00

Happy Birthday Diana 🎊


To celebrate Diana's birthday on the 24th April we have kept up the tradition and we did a little Q&A so you can get to know The Avenue Queen a little better. Q: What is your favourite restaurant in London?   Zuma - because the fish is so fresh, the flavours are so clean and [...]

Happy Birthday Diana 🎊2020-04-27T12:58:32+00:00

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