Winter Roasted Butternut Squash Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe!


Once again it's Monday and the sun appears to have packed up its things and migrated to warmer climates. Lucky for some. In fact, we've spent most of the day peering out the window watching a bitterly cold white sheet of snow set up camp across the streets of London. British weather really is felt like summer was on its way yesterday!

Winter Roasted Butternut Squash Pearl Barley Risotto Recipe!2018-08-15T10:14:03+00:00

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans – #SmearforSmear


If you guys weren't aware already, it's National Smear Week! Cervical cancer is the most common cancer in women under 35, yet one in three young women don't attend their smear test and we wanna make a change! Did you know smear tests prevent 75% from cervical cancers developing? So boys and girls, grab your lipstick and join us!

The Avenue’s Weekly Shenanigans – #SmearforSmear2020-11-20T09:19:34+00:00

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