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The Avenue Food Festival At Home


All festivals have been cancelled this summer, and we can honestly say we are absolutely devastated! BUT... we may not be able to see live music, but we can re-create the epic food you would otherwise be indulging on. So have a mooch between our virtual food vans and check out some tasty recipes! The [...]

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Asparagus Season Inspiration


Since it is asparagus season and at The Avenue, we LOVE asparagus so we thought we would treat you to some of our favourite recipes. Chilled Asparagus Soup This recipe is a perfect summer lunch or dinner party starter! See the recipe here. Asparagus Quiche This recipe is a real crowd-pleaser and is the perfect [...]

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Nothing screams sophisticated comfort food like a bowl of freshly made Gnocchi! Check out our amazing Gnocchi Workshop here! Ingredients: 500g potato baked until soft 75g oo flour 2 egg yolks 1tsp salt Semolina butter Method:  Bake potatoes until soft. Mash while still hot. Add flour and egg and some seasoning. Knead until a well mixed. [...]



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