Terms & Conditions

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On enrollment, full payment is payable to secure a place on a course or class. The full balance of the fee must be paid in advance when requested by the School. If the applicant fails to comply, the School cannot guarantee to reserve a place.

For 1 & 2-week courses a deposit can be taken with the final payment being due 1 month before the course.

We hold the right to run more than one class at any time. Each class will have their own islands and chefs.


We have a strict cancellation policy; all payments are non-refundable but transferable. The transfer of classes must be made at least 2 weeks before the class date and 1 month for 1 & 2 week courses, kitchen hire and private classes.
The amount paid can be transferred to another class but is only valid as a credit of the exact amount paid and is valid for 1 year from the payment date.
*A class/course/voucher that has been bought on sale cannot be transferred unless the remaining and full amount is paid.

In cases where a deposit has been paid for private events or 1&2 week courses the final payment will be due at least 1 month before the course/event date. If final payment has not been made on the due date The Avenue hold the right to release your reservation. Deposits will then be non-refundable and non-transferable.

If you are unable to attend for whatever reason within the cancellation policy then you are free to transfer your ticket to a friend.

Any special requests/questions regarding our classes will need to be made during our office hours Mon-Fri 9am – 5pm. The Avenue Cookery School will take no responsibility for any questions/requests that are sent outside of these hours.

The Avenue require a minimum of 4 people per course and 6 for a class; in the unlikely event the places do not get filled we will, at your convenience, transfer you onto another course; if this option does not suit, you will receive a full refund (not applicable for vouchers). We will email you with 1 weeks notice (5 working days) for our classes and 2 weeks (10 working days) for our courses.

Those who purchase a voucher are responsible of making the recipient aware of our terms & conditions.

Class Prices and Dates

Costs and dates are quoted at the time of going to print and we reserve the right to make alterations as and when required. Prices apply at the time of booking and we do not offer refunds or credits of reduced prices if changes are made after your booking has been made. Students will be notified as soon as it is known of any change to dates.

Sale prices, Avenue Amigo’s or discounted vouchers can not be used in conjunction with one another and are non-transferable or refundable.

Avenue Amigo’s

Our Avenue Amigo’s is our reward scheme whereby you will recieve a 10% ‘stamp’ for leaving a review, booking a class with us directly, and for each friend that books through your introduction (they can’t have been in touch with us previously). Once you have reached 10 ‘stamps’ all you need to do is get in touch with the details and once we have checked things from our side you can book onto a class of your choice (not valid for privates or 1&2 week courses). Please note you will need to keep a record of your stamps and be in touch when you believe to have reached 10.

Certificates and References

Certificates are awarded to students who complete an extended course.  The school awards such certificates only if a student has a good level of attendance and reaches a decent level that is deemed by the school.  References can be arranged on request.

Duke of Edinburgh Gold Residential Applicants

With regards to DofE Gold Residential there is a minimum requirement of 5 people in accommodation but we are not able to guarantee that 5 people will book into accommodation.  In the event that this happens, with 1 weeks notice, we can give you an option to transfer your course to an alternate date or a full refund will be given.

Chalet Host Course

We do our best to help position each Chalet Host in a job but this is not guaranteed and, like with any job, requires effort from the participant.

Gift Vouchers

Vouchers are valid for 1 year from the date purchased. Classes are subject to availability and we can get booked up so it is best to book in advance. Our classes run sporadically and in case of not finding a suitable date we can transfer your voucher as a credit to another class however we do not offer refunds.
To use your voucher please get in touch directly before the expiry date.
If a class is booked before the expiration date the class can be attended after the said date, but once the voucher’s expiry date has passed the class cannot be transferred. If you would like to extend your voucher you can do this for the cost of £10 for 3 months and it can be extended upto a maximum of 1 year. On extending the voucher validity it will count solely as the cost paid for it.

If your voucher was bought for a specific class this can be changed to a different class but will be valued as a credit of the cost it was purchased for. So if it was bought on sale this will be taken into account.

Our ‘in The City Classes’ can differ in price to our Wandsworth Classes so unless specifically bought for a City class the voucher will be valued at the cost price (as above).

Vouchers are sent via email and not posted. If you are looking for us to post a voucher, a £2.99 postage fee will be charged – you can add this to your basket from the voucher page.

We often follow up on recipients in order to prompt them to use their voucher, we won’t do this within 1 month of purchase. If you have bought the voucher for a gift over 1 month from purchase please notify us.

Voucher bought for a class are only usable on the standard class prices and cannot be used for our special edition classes i.e. Christmas Edition’s. The voucher can be transferred to this class but will be used as a credit of equal value to that paid.

Vouchers can’t be used to buy other vouchers.


All classes that are bought during the Black Friday sale can only be transferred to a class of equal value to the class you bought it for. If you are looking to transfer to a class of a different value the voucher will be worth only the amount paid and can be used as a credit towards the new class.

All gift vouchers bought on sale are only valid for that class, if you are wanting to use the voucher for a different class, the voucher will count as a credit for the value it was purchased for.

If you purchase a space on a specific class/course on sale that ticket is only valid for that class/date and cannot be transferred to another class/date while maintaining the sale price. The class will be credited at the value paid and can be used towards the cost of another class.

Private Courses

Prices are quoted on a given number and if the numbers decrease, prices are subject to increase.  Refunds are not given or transferred when payment has been taken.

Times are agreed before the course, however if agreed with the chefs on duty, and times are overrunning, the kitchen can be hired at an extra payment charged at our hourly rate for that time.

If the school needs the kitchens for whatever reason and have given a definitive exit time, these times will need to be adhered to. Compensation will be incurred for causing loss through negligence or a deliberate act for breach of a contract whether the kitchen was not in a satisfactory state of cleanliness or was not exited/handed over on time.

Kitchen Hire

A non-refundable 20% deposit will be due to reserve any date, with the remaining amount due 2 months before the kitchen rental date.  In cases where the booking is made within one month of the rental date, a full 100% payment will be due. Deposits can be transferred before final payment is due only.

A refundable security deposit of £400 per day will be taken in order to cover any breakages or additional costs we may incur, including extra cleaning time or going over the agreed time.

The kitchen is expected to be returned in the same pristine state it was given and hire times need to include set up and clear up.

Consumable costs are subject to quantity needed per day and refer to herbs, spices and typical larder ingredients. These will need to be discussed in advance.

If agreed, and times are overrunning, the kitchen can be used with extra payment charged at our rates for that day/time. Any extra costs will be taken out of the refundable deposit.

If we need the kitchens for whatever reason and have given a definitive exit time, as previously agreed, these times will need to be kept to. Compensation will be incurred for causing loss through negligence or a deliberate act for breach of a contract whether the kitchen was not in a satisfactory state of cleanliness or was not exited/handed over on time.

Health and Safety

Take extra care when handling specialist equipment and be aware of your surroundings and potential hazards in a kitchen, especially when under the influence of alcohol. The Avenue are not liable for injuries or accidents of these sort.

For our kids classes we have a recommended minimum age of 8 years old in our kitchen as we feel that this is a good average age where children are able to understand the dangers of being in a kitchen without 1:1 attention.  If you feel your child is not responsible enough to be around hot objects and sharp knives, among other potential kitchen hazards, please do not sign your child up to the classes as we can’t be held responsible for accidents or injuries from lack of understanding.
If your child is 6 or 7 and you feel they are confident enough to join us on a class then this is your decision as the parent/guardian to sign them up, despite our recommended minimum age.

Please wear appropriate clothing, including covered shoes, in the kitchen.

In some of our classes we have alcohol packages, please drink responsibly and be respectful to your surrounding and fellow students.

Smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the building.

Taking of drugs is strictly prohibited on our premises.


On booking a class your email will be added to our mailing list but will not be shared with any 3rd party. You have the right to unsubscribe at any time.

We may take photographs or videos during courses for use on our social media accounts or for future marketing purposes. If you would prefer for you or your child not to be photographed or recorded please let us know at the time of booking.

All information we receive is kept strictly confidential and will not be shared with any 3rd parties. Please click here to read out full Privacy Policy.


All property which you bring to The Avenue Cookery School is brought entirely at your own risk and we cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to the property of any students belongings, nor do we accept any liability to any student. For the duration of a course, and when you are not on the property, The Avenue Cookery School does not accept responsibility for any injury which you incur.

If there are damages to the venue and/or its contents the event organiser or participant will subsequently be billed.