This month, we’re celebrating the lovely Karen, who came to our school in September this year and did the Basic to Brilliant 2-Week Course.

We asked Karen to give us a little bit of background as to why she came to The Avenue, and she said, “I have been working as a yacht chef on sailing catamarans in the Caribbean for the past few years and I am always looking to offer my guests more delicious foods! My captain, Brendan (who is also my honey) and I were spending a bit of time in and around Europe this summer and he found The Avenue online! We weren’t sure it was going to come together with the changing Covid requirements but we were so thankful it did! We fully enjoyed our time in London both in and out of class!”

We asked Karen what her favourite thing to cook at The Avenue was, and she said, “Diana’s Bread! But sadly, we can’t get the same good grain flour in the Caribbean, or frankly even at home in Florida, that you can over there, so we haven’t been able to recreate it quite as well.”

When asked what was her favourite dish that she learnt at The Avenue was, Karen said, “Hmm, I can’t just name one…but I really liked the fried fish that we made… along with the Chicken Katsu, Lemon Posset, Coffee Cappuccino, Almond Biscotti, Rosemary Thins and Honeycomb Ice Cream to name a few… Clearly I like healthy foods! Lol.” I mean, we can’t argue with these choices, Karen, they’re all absolutely delicious!

Because we’ve all been through it, we asked if Karen cooked anything weird or slightly different during lockdown and she said, “Actually, I am sorry to stay I didn’t!! We tried many many crazy big house (and boat) projects but our eating was simple and usually quick…and we spent the greater part of the Covid lockdown working on a friends catamaran in the islands, getting it fixed up and ready to charter so no gourmet meals were there either!” Well… there might not have been gourmet meals being cooked, but check out this beauty of a boat that Karen is talking about – Yacht Rumba!

Although a lot was covered during the course, we asked Karen which class she’d like to attend in the future at the school and she said, “I would like to take the Pasta Workshop, but really anything I know it would be a blast!” Well, you’re not wrong there! 😀

We asked Karen for any last comments about her time with us, and she said, “It was great fun attending The Avenue and meeting Diana, Helen and all of the crew! The environment was so upbeat and positive and I loved it when they pumped the music up as we were busy cooking different things because it created such a fun and happy workspace. It’s no wonder that the Avenue is rated one of the best activities in London!! 😍 ”


Thank you SO much Karen for being an absolute pleasure to have in our kitchen, and we hope to one day welcome you again to our school! 👍

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