It’s the last of the year and we are introducing the amazing Harry as our Amigo of the Month for December; Harry first joined us on his DofE residential course and just couldn’t resist coming back, joining the team as a Kitchen Porter during his school holidays. Read on to find out all about his experience at The Avenue and what he’s gone on to do with all the skills he learnt. 👨‍🍳🍽

We asked Harry (who has been attending classes with us since 2017!) what his all-time favourite class has been and he said “the first one I took part in, plus it was a week-long so had lots involved and was my first intro to The Avenue and the family who run it, so that will always have a special place in my heart. Specifically dish-wise I found making the Chocolate Roulade was an especially good one or maybe Baked Alaska, especially as it looked so impressive at the end… Or maybe making a proper pie, always one of the most fun things to cook for me.”

When we asked what his favourite dish to cook is, which he learnt with us, he explained it was “very difficult” to choose! “I try the odd thing from the cookbook and they’re all good, but probably making a proper risotto, surprisingly quick, impresses guests and very tasty!”

We also wanted to find out what his favourite dish to eat at The Avenue was and he said, “Beef Wellington – a bit of a cheat as I ate the one Richard made but it was absolutely incredible and visually stunning, I haven’t had a better meal since.” – aw, Chef Richard is going to be very happy to hear that.

We also asked what the most obscure thing is that he’s made in the kitchen, and he said “Although not exactly fine dining I have always had a sweet tooth and have attempted to combine a chocolate cake with a cookie dough middle, and quite successfully if I say so myself.” 🎂 We’re dying to try that!

When asked what class he’d like to do in the future he chose one of our most popular classes, “Sushi & Cocktails – Sushi is so quick and easy when you’re good at it and this class seems like a ton of fun.” – it really is we promise! 🍣
And finally, Harry left us with some parting words which almost made us cry! He said “I couldn’t recommend The Avenue highly enough to anyone thinking of going! The food is to die for, anything I eat there is to die for, I don’t even need to worry, it’s a guarantee I’ll like it. The classes teach you a lot and more importantly they’re really fun, which is mainly down to the amazing people who work there and run it!”
Well there you go, that is our final Avenue Amigo of the Month for 2022, see you in the new year 🎉🥂
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