Taking us into February we have George as our Amigo of the Month! George was recommended to The Avenue by a friend of his who had done the 2 week course before him and he told us it was the best decision he ever made! – we quite agree 😊

George became a regular of ours after his completing course in October 2017 and since then has probably attended a few hundred classes over the past few years working on and off at the school as a kitchen assistant – we’ve been very grateful for all his hard work and his friendly face.

We asked George what Classes he’d done and he told us “I did the two-week chalet host course. The first week was the ‘basic’ part and then week two was the ‘to brilliant’ part with more specialist cooking. Following the two weeks, I went to work in the French Alps as a chef for the winter season and since then I have worked as a chef in various establishments across London and the Southwest.” – now that is what we love to hear and we’re so happy to celebrate your success 👏

When we asked what George’s favourite class a The Avenue is he said “any that Richard is teaching. He brings such an energy to the place (probably due to the obscene amount of sugar he consumes) and can impart such wisdom on all things food. Be sure to ask him about the chemistry behind salt.” – a shoutout to you Rich👏🏼…
We investigated a bit further to find out what his favourite dish to cook is that he learnt with us and he said “Diana’s bread. I made it at least three times a week throughout my years at uni.” We can vouch for this – if you are interested in this famous bread we teach it on our Bread Class 🍞
We asked what his favourite dish to eat at The Avenue was and he said it “has got to be the Chicken Pie that the week-long course students make. I’d always make sure to try and work the day shift on chicken pie day just so I could have it for lunch!” – we’ve got to agree, it is delicious 🤤
We found out what the most obscure thing he made at the Avenue was and apparently it had to be “a chicory salad where the chicory leaves had been sort of boiled in an orange smoothie/juice concoction. I had read about something similar in a cookbook (or a fever dream – who knows!) and let’s just say we never thought to try it again. I think we decided it was a good idea on a Saturday night after a cocktail class.” – interesting the things you will try after a few cocktails 🍸!
 And we will leave you with some lovely parting words from George:
“I would just like to say a huge thank you to Diana, Sophie, Niv and Richard for making The Avenue the best place to work and for making everyday fun and engaging. I even learnt a little about cooking!” – ❤️ Thanks George – you are a longstanding Avenue family member who will always be welcome back.

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on info@theavenuecookeryschool.com