The lovely Linda Gibbons joined us on our 5-Day Vegan Course in June this year and was the hit of the kitchen, with her wonderful enthusiasm and fantastic photo skills of all the dishes that were being cooked!

We asked Linda to tell us a bit about her experience at The Avenue, and she said, “I would highly recommend the cooking experience at The Avenue! There is a great energy when you walk through the door and a warm welcome. What I liked was that it catered for all skill levels and you were free to create and add to the recipes. Diana is a great teacher and listens to feedback and suggestions.” 😀

When asked what her favourite thing to cook was, Linda said, “My favourite recipe was a Courgette Cake with Roasted Pistachios. It was vegan AND gluten-free and tasted amazing!”

We asked Linda what her favourite dish at The Avenue was and she said, “I loved the curry day! I made the Katsu Curry which was a new recipe for me and it was healthy and simple to make. Loved it!”

Because we love to experiment, we asked Linda what was the craziest thing that she made on the course and she said, “We made the most delicious Vegan Ice Cream with Honeycomb. It tasted just like a Crunchie bar!!” 🤤

We asked Linda what class she’d like to do next, and she answered, “I would really like to learn more about Sushi – we touched upon it during the course but I’d love to know more.” Well, we can definitely help with that, by joining our Sushi Workshop! 🍣

And for any final words, Linda said “To anyone thinking of going on a cooking course at The Avenue I would say just do it! You will learn loads and have fun doing it. Thanks especially to Diana for her energy and motivation, depth of experience and patience!”
And there you have it. Thank you, Linda, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to seeing you very soon! 🥰

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