May 2022 Amigo of The Month

May 2022 Amigo of The Month

Valentin has been joining us since January 2022 and has already done a number of the Kids Cooking Club Classes, some of which include Katsu Curry, Chicken Chorizo with Couscous, Pesto Pasta, Chicken Pie and Red Velvet Cupcakes. Not only has Valentin enjoyed the classes, but he’s recreated all of the dishes at home for his family as well as experimenting with new recipes too!

When asked what his favourite thing to cook is, Valentin said, “Apple Tart, because the recipe I use was inspired by someone quite famous and I loved making homemade pastry!” – we wonder who this famous apple pie maker could be?! 🍎

We asked Valentin what his favourite dish was that he cooked at The Avenue, and he said, “Definitely the Chicken Chorizo! It was super tasty, fast to make and there were leftovers!”

During the lockdown, Valentin said he was experimenting with lots of different recipes, one of which included deboning a whole chicken and making a Lemongrass Chicken Stir Fry. (I think we’re going to have to acquire this recipe and use it in the school… it sounds DELICIOUS!)

We asked Valentin what his favourite class at The Avenue was, and he said, “The Katsu Curry for sure! The texture was really nice and the dish itself was super tasty.”

When asked what class he would like to do in the future, Valentin said, “I would love to do the Beef Wellington Class as I’d like to compare The Avenues recipe to Gordon Ramsey’s! And I’d love to cook Lamb Chops.” (So no pressure there then!?) 🤣

And lastly, we asked Valentin for any other comments and said, “Be Happy, Not Hungry!” which we think will be our new mantra at The Avenue!


And there you have it. Thank you Valentin, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

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