Avenue Products

A range of our highly recommended products and ingredients available to buy directly from us

  • The Avenue Gift Voucher

    The Avenue Gift Voucher is a perfect gift for colleagues, family and friends! Whether for a birthday, Christmas, wedding or whatever occasion, this is the perfect gift for any foodie or for someone who needs to learn to cook!

    Our classes are fun, hands-on and full of useful tips and tricks.

    For more understanding as to how we are running during covid times please click here.
  • Meat Boxes

    Here at The Avenue Cookery School we believe that to create fabulous food you need to use glorious ingredients. We have teamed up with Dovecote Park to offer the best quality meat to create these amazing meat boxes, with unbelievable value.

    See the description below for the full details of each box.

    Free delivery to England/Wales. All orders will be delivered weekly on Fridays when ordered by Tuesday’s 5pm.


  • Temperature Probe

    This Thermapen Professional Thermometer is the only temperature probe we use in our school. It is quick, reliable and easy to use.

    Buy directly from us now and see for yourself!

  • Tahini Paste

    This MedCuisine Tahini paste is our brand of choice that we use at our cookery school and in our classes.

    Buy a pot for yourself here and see what all the fuss is about.

  • Bread Knife


    A range of knives to make your time in the kitchen that much easier! Makes for the perfect gift

  • The Avenue Bag-For-Life

    Our Avenue Bag-For-Life is not just brilliant for the environment, but it is also your perfect shopping companion!

  • Food Safety Level 2

    This CPD accredited e-learning programme is ideal for those wanting to be a Chalet Host or whose daily working role involves the preparation and handling of food; for example, those working in retail, catering or manufacturing.

  • The Avenue jumper and sweatshirt

    The Avenue Jumper and T-shirt

    Dress to impress with our Avenue clothing range.

    Sizes S-XL.

  • chef's jacket

    Personalised Chef’s Jacket

    Our Cooking Team wear these every day.  Smart, tidy, fitting and easy to wash and dry. Order yours and we can put your name on the chest, for that extra professional touch!

  • Avenue cookery book

    The Avenue Cookbook

    The famous Avenue Cookery Book.

    Over 240 pages of excellent cooking tips & recipes.

  • apron

    The Avenue Chef’s Apron

    An apron so good we use it ourselves! Easy wash, easy dry, long lasting and a must for all busy Cooks. So good we use it ourselves!

    Black with Avenue Logo.

    Delivery costs may apply.

  • The Avenue Chef Hat

    Look the part in one of our chef hats. Smart, tidy, fitting and easy to wash and dry.

    Delivery costs may apply.

  • Professional Chopping Board

    A solid plastic board on non-slip rubber feet, with coloured, clip-on-and-off surfaces for chopping different foods.  Robust, easy to clean and a long-lasting Kitchen companion.

    Delivery costs may apply.

  • The Avenue Mug

    Take a break from the busy kitchen and grab yourself a warm drink with our Avenue Mug.

    Delivery costs may apply.