To kick off the New Year we have our January Amigo of The Month, Emma. Emma is another student who joined us for a course and decided to come back and work with us before heading off to a Chalet Host job we helped her land in the Alps! 😄

Having done the 2-week Chalet Host Course with us in July 2022, she told us ‘my favourite class during the 2 weeks was the Roast because I had never cooked one myself before and it was really nice for everyone on my course to sit down and enjoy a roast meal together at the end.’ There’s nothing like a big roast to get family and friends together #Perfect Roast Class 😉!

When asked what her favourite thing to cook was, she said ‘Chicken Pie because everyone decorated the tops of their pies with different shapes (we did a chicken) and it was really fun seeing them all.’ 🥧 Oh the classic Chicken Pie is a great one to get ones creativity flowing.

And her favourite dish? She said her ‘favourite dish at The Avenue was the Roasted Tomato Soup with Bacon Bits and Pesto.’ This is a great dish – the depth of flavour from the roasting of the tomatoes🍅, matched with Pesto and Crispy Bacon really is a winner 🤤

When asked her biggest success and failure in her kitchen at home, Emma said ‘after joining it was managing to cook a roast for my whole family without anyone complaining about something not being done how they like it! My biggest failure was when I made a chocolate roulade and it completely split and fell apart when I was rolling it so it ended up being a sort of chocolate Eton mess!’ We bet it was all delicious no matter the look!

In the future, she said ‘I would love to do the Pasta Workshop because it’s a really fun thing to know how to cook well. ‘🍝 We can vouch for that!

We asked Emma for any final comments and she said ‘I loved working at The Avenue because all of the other staff are super nice and made it a really fun environment where I also got to learn lots of tips and tricks which have been really useful while doing my ski season this winter!’

Thanks Emma, for being January’s Amigo of The Month, the first in 2023! 💚

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on