April’s Amigo of The Month

April’s Amigo of The Month

We asked Sarah how long she has been joining our classes, and she said “I took my first class in July 2021.  It was the Sri Lankan Class and this was the first time I had ever prepared something myself that I literally could not stop eating!! I booked 5 classes that next day to keep learning more!”
Since then, Sarah has taken part in quite a few classes, some of which include the Fish Class, Macaron Masterclass, Gnocchi Workshop, (our super popular) Bao Class, Best of British: Easy Christmas and our class with a certain, ‘Je ne sais quoi’, the French Cooking Class! – You can see now why Sarah was our loyal Amigo of The Month this month! 😄
We asked Sarah what her favourite class at The Avenue was, and she said, “That is a really difficult question… I definitely use a lot of techniques from the Sri Lankan Class to prepare different variations at home. However, I think I had the most fun at the Macaron Class and maybe discovered that baking is the most fun for me!
The Gnocchi Workshop blew me away with the perfection of these perfect potato pillows and the ease at which we prepared such an amazing sauce. But I don’t think I will ever be the same cook after taking the 5 hour Easy Christmas Class…  I literally prepared every item according to Diana’s well laid out plan to help us not only know how to cook the food, but to actually get such a large meal prepared with ease.  It’s impossible to choose a favourite because they are all super fun and I am always eager and able to recreate the dishes at home.”
When asked, what’s been your favourite thing to cook, Sarah said that the Sri Lankan curry was her favourite, simply because it is so delicious, quick and easy!
We asked what Sarah’s favourite dish at The Avenue was, and she said, “The gnocchi was like no other gnocchi I have ever tasted.  I never really thought gnocchi was a dish I liked, but I was mainly interested in learning how they were made.”
Although a while ago now, we asked if Sarah had tried anything crazy in the kitchen during lockdown, and she answered, “I tried to make this type of bread called Gozleme which is a Turkish recipe, and my mom still has the video of the crazy sticky pile of dough that was never going to come off my worktop into a cookable form!”
Although she’s working her way through them, we asked Sarah what class would you like to do in the future and she said, “I’m definitely eager to take the Bread Class. As I mentioned, each class delivers very practical and replicable steps so I know I will be mastering bread at home immediately.”
And finally, we asked Sarah if she had any final comments? She said, “I truly can’t explain in enough detail how these classes enable you to cook so much more than simply the dishes that are taught. They provide such an in depth understanding of the ingredients and methods, AND it’s not taught in a boring school type manner.  It is genuinely a great night of fun.” 😁💚

And there you have it. Thank you Sarah, for being such a loyal Amigo and we look forward to seeing you very soon!

* If we made you feel a part of The Avenue family and you would like to be an Amigo of The Month please respond to the mailer or email us directly on info@theavenuecookeryschool.com


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