The Really Useful Course, 1 week – £995

The Really Useful Course, 1 week – £995

(19 customer reviews)

This Really Useful Course is a 5-day course and is great for those who want to learn how to cook from the basics or want to get the professional training to get rid of any bad habits. The Really Useful Course will teach you a whole host of useful tips and tricks to move you away from bad cooking for good!

5 Days – see below for times and drop-down menu for dates
Variety of dishes – see menu plan from page 7-12 here

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The Really Useful Course is for those looking to be taught professionally in order to gain the correct basic foundations of cooking making your time in the kitchen easy and more enjoyable. This course has been designed to guide inexperienced cooks through a week of well planned, transferable recipes and techniques. We offer hands-on cooking with plenty of help and support, specialising in teaching a true understanding of cookery, so you won’t need to be relying on a cookbook in order to cook for yourself and others. By the end of this 5-day intensive programme you will have progressed from a tentative cook to a confident one. You will be surprised how much you will learn!

Each day has 2 demonstrations, both in the morning and the beginning of the afternoon, getting you ready for your hands-on cooking. You will be cooking everything you eat! See the menu plan here from page 7-12.

Having completed this course you can follow it with our equally as popular Intermediate Cookery Course (see here).

What We Offer

  • Deposit option – if booking more than 1 month in advance get in touch for more details
  • A fun, sociable, flexible and informative 5-day course
  • Intensive daily cooking programme
  • All equipment and food provided
  • Interesting demonstrations
  • Cooking without a cookbook
  • Fun, warm and professional teaching
  • Useful tips and tricks of the trade
  • Budgeting and cooking with leftovers
  • Tips on organisation and prepping your dishes ahead of time
  • Hands-on cooking
  • Mind-blowingly delicious recipes
  • Delicious lunches
  • Wine tasting and origins of alcohol talk
  • Well-structured course
  • Ingredients, aprons and equipment provided
  • The Avenue Cookbook
  • The Avenue apron
  • The Really Useful Course Avenue certificate
  • Shared or private accommodation as an extra for those that need (see details here)

Skills Acquired

  • Knife skills
  • Variations of baking
  • Preparing and cooking a variety of vegetables
  • An understanding of ingredients and cooking them
  • Rectifying dishes
  • Variety of transferable cooking skills and techniques
  • Cooking without a recipe book
  • Food presentation
  • Knowledge of transferable skills and recipes
  • Avoiding waste and cooking with leftovers
  • Time management
  • Kitchen hygiene
  • Kitchen organisation
  • Quick cooking
  • Having fun while cooking!
  • Anything extra that anyone wants to know, the list grows!

Course Timings

Monday – Thursday 9am – 5pm (lunch included)
Friday 9am – 4pm (breakfast and lunch included)

Catered for Allergies: Vegetarian, LF and GF dietary requirements can be catered for on request, but time restraints mean meal alternatives will not be covered in the demonstrations


Accommodation: For students who are looking for shared (default option) or private accommodation please see here.

Insurance – Consider adding our Avenue Cancellation Cover, to read more please click here.

‘Avenue Amigos’ – Get a ‘stamp’ for each class you book, each review you leave and for each friend you recommend. 10 stamps = a free class!

Terms & Conditions Apply

If a date is showing fully booked, doesn’t have the number of spots you require or you have any queries please get in touch on as we may be able to accommodate you and if not we can add you to the waiting list.

19 reviews for The Really Useful Course, 1 week – £995

  1. Ben Wooding

    Thanks for such a great course, made my first item post course today of meringues – they were successful:)

  2. Frances Wellby

    Ben made lasagne last night when we went to supper. It was really first class, and also looked perfect. He really enjoys cooking. He sliced an onion in the correct way. Thank you so much for an excellent cours

  3. Nile Nakanda

    I would just like to once again say thank you so much for holding such a great course. This has been a very eventful and busy summer for me (turning 18 and becoming an adult, going to uni, going on holidays etc), yet despite all of these large events crammed into these 3 months, I can safely say that this course was easily one of the best weeks of summer and will certainly live long in the memory!

    I hope to see you all again soon in the not too distant future!

  4. Jane Graham

    !!Ludo absolutely adored his week
    The boys have all adored their time with you ..and number three cannot wait to come and improve his culinary skills in a few years time too

  5. Elaine Dunn

    Just wanted to say how much Jolie has enjoyed being with the cookery school this week, so a big thank you to all.

  6. Joanne Macland

    I haven’t seen Thomas so happy in a long time. He loved the class and is very much looking forward to his next two days.

  7. Phillipa Rooney

    My son who is 22 attended your basic to brilliant course during his gap year. It gave him a great springboard to further his interest in cookery and last week he served up an 8 course tasting menu for 14 at home!

  8. Fiona Hodgson

    I just wanted to thank you so much for giving my son, Hugo, such a wonderful week. He not only really enjoyed the course, but say that he has learned masses! I am looking forward to being cooked for in the weeks ahead.

    I am so grateful to you for making the last week so enjoyable for Hugo.

  9. Courtney Marsden

    I would just like to thank you again for your hospitality. thanks and love to Diana and Richard for the week. I had an awesome time and now can’t stop cooking! Cheese soufflés are in the oven as we speak!

    My mum is also obsessed with the cook book

  10. Freddie Bennett

    I really enjoyed this fun and informative course with two very exciting and dynamic teachers. Its a perfect introduction to cooking, and you will quickly progress to a confident cook within only a week. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for good knowledge of cooking to take on a gap year or to university.

  11. Elizabeth Ross

    Paddy had a great time last week on the Really Useful Course and has come home enthused and offering to cook suppers – which is a first!

  12. Jane Locke

    Thank you so much! What a lovely evening in the company of your young students and their families. We enjoyed it very much and were very impressed.
    The course has been amazing and Elliot has really found a new passion. He has suggested that he make bread EVERY morning!!!
    I think Elliot will be back for another course in the future.

  13. Christine Davis

    Thank you so much for all the fun and tuition you gave Seb last week.
    We are certainly noticing a more confident approach in the kitchen.
    His poached eggs for breakfast on Saturday were brilliant and I have earmarked some recipes from the cook book that I am looking forward to (him) trying…
    Hopefully I will be able to book his younger brother in next summer!

  14. Giulio

    from arriving on the course just able to toast bread, I have now made several three course meals to the astonishment of my family.
    I had a really fun time; the instructors are great communicators and the recipes were simple/easy to follow but always delicious. Highly recommended.

  15. Ursula Mapley

    Thank for giving my daughter, Olivia, the most marvellous week. She came back each evening buzzing with enthusiasm and continued cooking well into the night. MY waistline has not yet recovered! She found Diana and team inspirational and their enthusiasm for food and cooking infectious. One of the best courses she has ever done!

  16. Oli Ramsay Gray

    Really loved doing this course and would definitely recommend to anyone who’s looking for a short cooking course.

  17. Nicholas J

    After doing your course last week Peter cooked me the most delicious meal for my birthday on Tuesday: a quite spicy risotto to start, fish cakes with perfectly cooked broccoli for the main course, and a wonderful chocolate and strawberry roulade for pudding. He did it with little fuss and much confidence, both thanks to you. Peter seems to have memorised all the practical advice you gave him, and your course has inspired him with a belief that he can cook all sorts of things which before he had not even heard of! I think you have equipped Peter with skills and an awareness that will serve him for the rest of his life. Thank you. (The only annoying thing is that Peter has turned into an overnight gourmet, and tells anyone else who is cooking that Diana said you should do this, or Diana said you should do that!)

  18. Pippa Sharp

    Just to say that my son Christopher completed the Really Useful Course. He absolutely loved it and it is astonishing just how much he learned in five days.

    At the weekend we celebrated 3 family birthdays; diverse ages, 93, 56 and 19 and Christoff made a Cornish Victoria Sandwich (the cream on top of the jam and decorated with strawberries and chocolate flakes in lieu of 93 candles!). It was entirely his idea and creation. My Mother and I astonished (and slightly nonplussed and alarmed) at how efficiently he worked, at the lightness of the cake and all round excellence in taste and execution. It was a wonderful moment. Melba toast and mackerel pate also featured over the weekend and older siblings equally disconcerted by this too. Melba toast – who knew?

    As my youngest, about to go several hundred miles away to University this course has given me confidence too and thank you for that too. Christoff clearly loved the week, particularly too waiting at the dinner party and sets off west with his ‘kit’, fully intending to use his already well thumbed cookery book. His sister has asked him for a copy so he needs to keep a close eye on it methinks.

  19. Nila Bajwa

    Thank you for arranging such a lovely evening on Thursday.
    Most enjoyable.
    Arjun certainly enjoyed his week. He came home on Friday absolutely exhausted but made a lovely dessert for dinner and also cooked us all a meal on Monday evening!!!!!! Long may it continue.

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    5 Days – see below for times and drop-down menu for dates
    Variety of dishes – see menu on page 13-18 here



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